logo genmedThe Laboratory of Excellence in Medical Genomics, GENMED aims to promote the development of competitive research projects in human diseases both nationally and internationally. Thus, GENMED evaluates, develops and implements, in a high throughput production context, next generation technologies and methodologies combined with integrated genomic data analysis.

This genomic analysis strategy is applied initially to monogenic and multifactorial diseases for which French research is a recognized international leader such as in Alzheimer's disease, autism, cardiomyopathy, rare diseases, cancer... In the future it is expected that it will be applied to other diseases and enable major advances in medicine.

GENMED aims at the development of genomic medicine :

  • Conducting discoveries with a high translational impact to customize the treatment of patients affected by certain diseases and reducing their side effects,
  • Participating in the establishment of networks, the development of new technologies, ethics, medical training and interaction with biotechnology companies that will form the foundation for the future of medicine.

The Labex GENMED will also interact with other large cohorts that have been selected and funded by the "Investissements d'Avenir" program such as CANTO and RADICO.